About Us

Who Are We?

Our Pastors

Pastors Kenneth and Natasha Leonard

Our Pillars

Our Pillars | The Purpose Place  

> Community | A place to belong 

> Culture | Igniting world change 

> Education | A place for development 

> Family | Empowering Relationships 

> Prayer | Communion with God 

> Word | Commissioning Spiritual Growth 

> Worship | A place of Honor 

Our Vision

Vision| Purpose Is Possible 

> To help individuals and families fulfill their purpose in life.  

> To build a community of believers who are committed to kingdom expansion, strengthening families, restoring hope to the community, and bridging cultural and generational gaps.  

> To preach sound doctrine that ignites conviction.  

> To enforce personal relationship with God through worship and the teaching and studying of the word of God.  

> To create ministries, policies and procedures that focus on building healthy community.  

> To promote personal and spiritual growth through education, self worth, and focused living.  

Our Mission

Our Mission | To Restore Hope to the Community by being the Hands and Feet of Jesus 

We are Called To:

> The Hopeless (Restoring Hope through the teaching of the word)

> Families  

> Leaders (Business Owners, Politicians, etc)  

> Creatives  

> Numerous Cultures (Multicultural) 

> All Generations (Multigenerational) 

To create a place of worship for the un-churched to enjoy!